Jack Forbes of Jamison Carpets and Flooring has experienced a massive surge in business since shooting a video with Search Friendly Videos in 2011.  Jack recently opened a new showroom, and his business now also sells beds in addition to carpet and flooring.

Practically everyone who walks through Jamison Carpets and Flooring’s doors has seen Jack in action in one or more videos shot and produced by Search Friendly Videos.

Ninety-nine percent of all customers who come into the store say, “I’ve seen your video.” They’ve already met me on their computer through your video.

– Jack Forbes, Jamison Carpets

Jack believes that qualities such as personality are transmitted through video and that video is the ultimate form of advertising in the digital age.

“They already know what I look like, they know what I am, and that’s what drives them into the store,” he said. “They see me on the Internet from the video that we made in 2011. It works. It’s successful. It’s more powerful than everything else. Like I said to everyone else: ‘I used to be big into print. Print doesn’t work no more.”

Dave Porter, CEO and founder of Search Friendly Videos, said that clients will soon enjoy the ability to view the placement of all their videos in real time. Search Friendly Videos tracks the placement of each video its team of uploaders publishes to YouTube.

Unique clicks, representing a single click from a unique IP address on a link such as to a video, can help strengthen Search Friendly Video’s network of hundreds of videos, spotlighting small businesses throughout Greater Philadelphia.

Growing in strength, size and scale, Search Friendly Videos can help position small-business owners for increased business today and in the coming years.

“Our small-business owners need a strategy to compete [with billion-dollar companies]. The videos don’t stop working. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week—and that’s a great thing.

– Dave Porter, Search Friendly Videos


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