Search Friendly Videos increased its sales force by 50 percent in June, and sales representatives are signing up small-business owners to be featured in endorsement videos that put their companies in the right place at the right time with the right message.

Additional sales representatives will be hired in the coming weeks, with representatives covering each of Search Friendly Videos’ 22 counties in the Philadelphia region to help position small businesses for enhanced visibility, credibility and business, thanks to prime placement in Google search results.

Business owners who can deliver referrals who commit to Search Friendly Videos’ service this July will be rewarded with a free additional video or a $300 referral fee, said Dave Porter, CEO and founder of the Warrington, Pennsylvania-based video advertising agency. New businesses would benefit from partnering with Search Friendly Videos now to lock in a monthly fee of $141.66 per video unit. A unit represents the number of counties multiplied by the number of categories. This fee will increase to $245 a month, but existing clients will have their monthly fees grandfathered in for at least five years.

Search Friendly Videos is also moving forward with video uploads, taking advantage of the launch in early May of 170 new website platforms for cities, boroughs and townships throughout the Philadelphia region. This increase brought the Search Friendly Videos network to 530 website platforms.